Modern Times

The Copper Kings Awaken

2003 brought professional baseball back to Bisbee in the resurrected Arizona-Mexico league. One of the teams in the new league was the Bisbee-Douglas Copper Kings.

Despite solid fan support in Bisbee, the league folded after less than 3 weeks of play due to financial problems. Professional baseball was gone from Bisbee almost as quickly as it had appeared.

Once again the team back to a skeptical Bisbee in 2006, in the form of the semipro Bisbee Kings. The Kings played out a complete season in the 7 team Border Series.

The Copper Kings Come Back (Again)

In 2007 the Bisbee Copper Kings were purchased by Bisbee businessmen Tom Mosier and Frank Barco. The team remained semipro and still under the management of Butch Hammett. Playing an independent schedule, the Copper Kings finished the season with an 18-11 record and restored credibility in the eyes of the Bisbee public.

In 2008 the Copper Kings joined the Pacific Southwest Baseball League, playing a more demanding schedule that included the Havasu Heat, the 2007 National Baseball Congress champions.

Today’s Copper Kings, part of the Pacific Southwest Baseball league, still play at Warren Ballpark, where fans have been cheering on their home town heroes for 100 years. It seems certain that baseball will be played in Bisbee for many years – perhaps centuries – to come.

Copper Kings

The End of the Line

Financial difficulties led the Bisbee-Douglas Copper Kings to pull up stakes in Bisbee after the 1955 season, becoming the Douglas Copper Kings. The Copper Kings folded completely after the 1958 season. For almost 5 decades, Warren Ballpark was used mainly for high school sporting events.