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History of Baseball In Cochise County


Published by Cochise County Historical Society

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Vintage Baseball Cards – Set 1


Includes Pete Vucurevich-Pitcher, Charlie Metro-Player/manager, Mike Frosco-Player/coach, Russ Kusmertz-Pitcher, Clint Courtney-Catcher

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Vintage Baseball Cards – Set 2


Includes Annie Henry-Pitcher, Bob Henry-Pitcher, Clarence Maddern-2nd Base/Catcher, Jim Bynon “Boom-boom”-Outfielder, George “Tuck” Stainback-Outfielder

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Vintage Baseball Cards – Set 3


Includes Robert “Bobby” Holland-Catcher, Hadley Hicks-Centerfielder, Bill Buxton-Umpire, Roy “Hardrock” Johnson-Manager, Jesse Flores-Pitcher

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Vintage Baseball Cards – Set 4


Includes Betty Bays-Catcher, Jim Probst-Pitcher, Roy Partee-Catcher, Buster Adams-Outfielder, Red Adams-Pitcher

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Our biggest need at this point is for fencing replacement. 100% of our donations go to projects to continue improving the ballpark. In our 10 years we have raised and spent close to $200,000.00!

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