The Beginning

Baseball Comes to Bisbee

No record exists of the first game played in Bisbee. A town team called the Copper Kings was sponsored in 1899 by the Copper King Mining Co.

The first permanent ball field in Bisbee was located on Higgins Hill near Horace Mann School. When the Warren town site was laid out in 1906, a spot was reserved for a baseball park. The first game was played there June 27, 1909.

Early Baseball in Southeast Arizona

Soldiers, miners, railroad laborers and other young men played the game throughout the west.

In southeast Arizona, baseball was probably first played at Forts Bowie and Huachuca. As mining and railroad towns were established, teams were formed. Tombstone had a team as early as 1880.

Warren Ballpark History

Baseball, the first nationally popular sport in America, developed in the 1840s into the game similar to the one we know today. It spread from the Atlantic coast inland, and leapfrogged across the continent to California when it was introduced there in 1849 by Alexander Cartwright.