Ballpark Teams

Players Who Made It

A number of the Bisbee Bees made a successful transition from minor league baseball to the major leagues. Among them were Roy J. “Hardrock” Johnson, Johnny Keane, Syd Cohen, Tuck Stainback, Jim Tobin, Clarence Maddern, Lefty Phillips and Al Montgomery.

Organized Baseball Comes to Bisbee

In 1928, the class D Arizona State League was created with four teams: The Bisbee Bees, Miami Miners, Tucson Waddies and Phoenix Senators. Other teams played at Warren Ballpark as well. Mining company teams, high school teams and semipro teams shared the field with the town’s minor league team in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

Baseball Outlaws

For the next 19 years, Warren Ballpark hosted a series of town teams and two outlaw leagues (Frontier and Copper Leagues.) Major leaguers such as Hal Chase, Buck Weaver and Chick Gandil, banned from organized baseball played on teams from Douglas, El Paso, the Chino Mines, Fort Bayard and Ciudad Juarez. Bisbee had a team in the Copper League but did NOT use banned players.